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How is shipping calculated? 

Shipping is calculated automatically by shopify. The shopify automated option allows us to get the most up to date costs for postage. 

How soon should I expect my order to ship after ordering? 

Usually inhand orders will ship out within 3-5 business days. Past that point if you have not yet received an email confirmation with your tracking number feel free to email or dm us and we will look into what might be causing the delay. Keep in mind we are located in the United States and ship almost exclusively via USPS. That makes us subject to any and all governmental holidays and weather conditions that might restrict drop offs. 


Is there a reason you don't ship to my country?

 If we happen to not ship to your country the most likely option is because the cost of shipping is so high that we feel it's unreasonable. In the recent years we have seen exponential cost increases and it isn't something we want to pass onto our buyers. In some cases we can temporarily allow it, but as a general rule we try to avoid shipping costs in excess of $35+ on an order.