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Do we ship currently to the UK?


How long do preorders usually take?

Depending on the pin they can take between 3 to 6 months. There is always a chance that pins will face unforeseen troubles in manufacturing that may add to delivery time. 

Pin Grading 

For Preorders:  Preorders will always get the highest quality pins of the bunch. They will have minimal scratches, marks or errors. Our enamel pins are all made by hand and each will have their own little quirks and personality. No pin can be entirely perfect.

For In Hand: 

A Grade: A Grade pins will always be the best quality available. These pins have have nearly no errors, but as the pins are handmade, could have small scratching or various minor imperfections. No pin can be entirely perfect due to them being handmade and so it is possible that small marks may be found on Grade A pins.  

B Grade: B Grades may include any pins with more visible scratching, possible small printing errors, or dents in the enamel. 

C Grades: C Grade pins may have more obvious scratching, possible printing errors, and any larger errors like gouging or dents. 



As of right now I will not be processing refunds on preordered pins. Do to the fact preorders help provide funds for manufacturing, it would cause a number of troubles. In the event of an error on my side or any unforeseen manufacturer troubles refunds will be handled as needed. 


Please contact me for any possible concerns or questions about returns of in-hand product. We are happy to work through any problems that might arise. However, due to the nature of pins being handmade, straight returns may not be made on the basis of any error on a pin that fits within the grading spectrum of the pin purchased.