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Snack Queen Standee - Pastel

$7.00 Regular price $18.00
5 inch tall 3 piece acrylic stand of the Snack Queen Design

They're a bit more pastel than the original art, so I'm putting them up on discount! 

PLEASE NOTE: Each piece comes with a protective film on the front side of the acrylic. I recommend starting to peel from the bottom most part (where the character/ background snaps into the base) so that there wont be any scratches trying to remove it. 

If I removed it ahead of time they might scratch in transit, so please make sure you know they aren't foggy that's just the film!

Handmade Enamel Pins

Each pin is handmade! All these special little shiny ladies are handmade not machine made. That means they all have their unique characteristics. No two pins are exactly the same. Check out our faq to learn more about our grading policies!