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Blind pin is Revealed

With elegance and grace we our first ever plate revealed! This gigantic pin on pin is nearly 6inches and sparkles with all the glitters, pearls, and sandblast effects

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Handmade Enamel Pins

Each pin is handmade! All these special little shiny ladies are handmade, not machine made. That means they all have their own unique characteristics. No two pins are exactly the same! Check out our faq to learn more about our grading policies ♡

♡ so sweet so dreamy ♡

About Us

Hi there we are Su and Q of Amai Dream. We are a married couple working out of Chicago, IL making cute dreams into reality!

Amai Dream means 'sweet dream' in Japanese. Making pins and other magical girl goodies has been a dream of mine since I bought my first enamel pin in 2014. I never thought it would be possible to make my own products and share my love of cute things with others. Then after 2020/2021 I realized there's nothing like the present. We worked hard together to make that dream a reality.

For the last three years we have been working together with artists worldwide to bring our ideas and dreams to life! With every twist and turn we have continued to work hard to bring every cute idea possible into the world.

We can't wait to make more and more adorable dreamy goods and share them with everyone in this amazing community for years to come!